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Best Personal Single Serve Blender

There are so many single-serve blenders on the market these days that it can be difficult to pick out the best one. But you’re in luck because we’ve done the hard part for you! We’ve spent a long time researching a wide range of personal blenders and we’ve finally narrowed it down to what we believe are the best on the market.

What are the benefits of owning a personal blender?

Personal blenders have become really popular in the last few years. Hailed for their convenience, they are popular among smoothie-lovers who are short for time in the mornings but still want to get their 5 a day. Typically small in size and lightweight, many single-serve blenders can be easily stored away, and even if they aren’t then they rarely take up much space on the countertops.

Pros of buying a personal blender

Designed to be quick and convenient, they are small in size and the blender itself can generally be removed from the base to convert it into a travel cup. Perfect for those wanting to blend just one smoothie at a time, they can be a great time saver and require far less cleaning up than the larger models do! As you are blending fewer ingredients, they are also quick to use and you will generally find that your smoothie is ready in just one minute.

Cons of buying a personal blender

As with everything, there are some cons with this type of blender and the main con is that they are not suitable for making large batches of anything. Some models are battery operated which also means they aren’t as powerful as jug blenders and cannot handle larger ingredients.

Features to look out for

Dishwasher safe parts

Dishwasher safe parts

The majority of personal blenders can be taken apart and washed in the dishwasher. So don’t end up with one that isn’t dishwasher safe as it will make your smoothie making experience a much bigger hassle.

Travel lid

A travel cup option

One of the biggest benefits of having a personal blender is the fact that they can often be transformed into a travel cup by removing them from the base and adding a travel lid. Look out for this option if you often find yourself in a rush in the mornings or want to save time washing up.

Ice crushing

Ice crushing

This is a feature that most jug blenders have but some personal ones come with it too. It’s a great option to have if you’re likely to want to make cocktails or frozen smoothies.

Speed settings

Speed settings

Generally speaking, the more speed settings a blender has, the more variety of things you can make with it. If you want to make more than just smoothies, look out for a blender with higher speed settings.

Who will benefit from using a single serve blender?

As they are so easy to store and simple to use, single serve blenders are popular with a huge range of people. That said, however, they are perfect for students, young professionals or people with a hectic schedule. They are a compact and convenient option for those wanting to maintain a healthy diet, even while they are on the go.

Recommended Single Serve Blenders

We have researched and reviewed a wide range of single-serve blenders currently available on the market. We’ve done the legwork so that you don’t have to. Many of the blenders have similar features but they are all slightly different in one way or another, so there’s sure to be one in this list that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

We looked at several different features while looking at each blender, including the speed settings, the size, the power of the motor and how easy it was to operate.

NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender
NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender

The Nutribullet Balance is a blender for the modern age. Enhanced with built-in Bluetooth technology, this is a smart blender designed to make eating healthy as easy as possible. Users simply need to download the app (in either the Apple or Google Play store) to get started. Through the app, you can then calculate the exact nutritional value of each smoothie you make, set and track your own nutrition goals and customize shopping lists. And, as if that wasn’t enough technology for a smoothie maker, you can also select from hundreds of customizable recipes via the app – so you’re sure to never run out of new smoothies to try out.

  • Bluetooth technology enables you to keep track of the nutritional value of your smoothies, write out shopping lists, select from hundreds of recipes and set your own nutrition goals.
  • Anti-slip suction legs and an easy grip rubber base to keep your blender stable while in use.
  • Simple push-button operation.
  • The blender app is compatible with both Apple and Android phones.
  • Has the capacity for 7 servings of fruit and vegetables per smoothie.
  • The blender can still be used without connecting it to your phone.
  • If you would rather not choose from the recipes already available, you also have the ability to create your own recipes and save them for later via the app.
  • This is a blender that has been designed with smoothie making in mind, so its uses are somewhat limited.
  • As with all technology, the app does sometimes have glitches which can be frustrating when you’re trying to quickly access a recipe.
  • The app cannot currently be linked to other devices, such as a Fitbit, which can make tracking your overall calorie intake a little bit difficult.
Final Thoughts

NutriBullet is a popular go-to brand for those wanting to create a smoothie, and the NutriBullet Balance is an impressive model within the range. With more power and more features than the original NutriBullet, it’s easy to see why people are excited about this newer model. However, it’s the app that is really the selling point for this single serve blender as it enables you to track the calories, fats, carbs, and proteins of each ingredient as you add them in. In short, this is the health lover’s dream blender!

Breville Boss To Go
Breville Boss To Go

The Breville Boss To Go is a simply designed single serve blender. But, despite its simplicity, and perhaps even because of its simplicity, it is a popular model. It has a sturdy base and two powerful serrated central blades that pull the ingredients downward to help create a smooth drink. It offers great value as a dependable, no frills option.

  • Sturdy model with a heavy duty base to keep it in place when in use.
  • Overload protection technology to eliminate the risk of the model overheating and becoming dangerous to use.
  • Cleaning is minimal – the only items that get dirty when making a smoothie are the cup that you then drink out of and the blade.
  • It is a simple design, but one that works consistently.
  • The smooth interior of the cups and the fact that it is larger at the bottom than the top means that no fruit or vegetables get trapped while blending – leading to an all-around smooth drink.
  • The lid needs to be placed on perfectly otherwise the blender will not operate, it sometimes requires a bit of rejigging in order to get it to work. It can also then be difficult to remove after blending.
  • Very loud when in use.
Final thoughts

As technology advances, some single serve blenders are becoming increasingly technology focused. That is not the case with the Breville Blender, but that is perhaps one of its most redeeming features. While it does have its issues (the finicky lid for starters), overall this is a simple model, with a basic design that has been created simply to do its job, and to do it well, without any additional fancy features. So, while this basic blender might not be the talking point of your kitchen, it will create a tasty smoothie for you!

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender
Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

The Vitamix S30 is one of the larger personal blenders that we have looked at today, but its bulky size does enable it to be used to create more than the average smoothie. The variable speed settings and pulse options come together to make it easy to create a wide range of items from the comfort of your own kitchen. The fact that this model also comes with two containers enables you to switch from a single serve blender to a personal one that can be used to help prepare meals.

  • The powerful motor means that it is possible to create everything from smoothies to soups.
  • Comes with two containers. A 20-ounce portable container, great for those wanting to make a quick drink on the go, and a 40-ounce container that is great for creating small family meals.
  • The variable speed and pulse settings enable you to use this blender to create more than just a smoothie.
  • This model comes with an impressive 30-day guarantee and a 5-year full warranty.
  • It’s important to follow the instructions to get a correctly blended smoothie, so this is not a model that you can simply throw ingredients into and then leave to do its job. Ingredients ideally need to be added in a certain order and you need to begin blending at a lower speed, slowly working up to the higher speeds.
  • The lid is sometimes difficult to remove.
  • It is quite a bulky piece of equipment, so you need to have somewhere to store it or be happy for it to sit on the side.
Final Thoughts

The Vitamix comes with an impressive 5-year warranty, which goes a long way in showing how much the manufacturers believe in their product. While it’s not the simplest of models to use and does require some supervision while using, it is a large blender that can be used to create a number of different items, besides smoothies.

WillSence Smoothie Blender
WillSence Smoothie Blender 2-in-1 Single Serve Blender

There is a misconception that single serve blenders are only useful for making smoothies but this Willsence Blender is also capable of creating salad dressings, juice, and grinding up nuts, coffee beans, spices, and herbs.

The Willsence couldn’t be easier to use either, simply drop your ingredients in, push the button and sit back while your ingredients are smoothly blended in no time at all.

  • The Willsence is incredibly simple to operate. All that is required to start and stop it is the push of one button
  • Low cost
  • This model might not have different speed settings but it does come with two sets of blades which means it is possible to make more than a simple smoothie with it. The two blades provided are a 1* stainless steel 4-tip blade that can be used for blending and a 1* stainless steel 2-tip blade that is suitable for grinding.
  • One of the main benefits for small blenders is that they are affordable and convenient and this model is definitely both
  • The blender has built-in overheat protection technology which means that it will automatically shut off when the motor unit is overheating
  • Dishwasher safe components make for easy washing
  • This model comes with an impressive two-year warranty, which should go some way in proving the quality of this kit
  • It’s currently not possible to purchase additional bottles for the blender
  • Final thoughts

    Perhaps the two most redeeming features of this blender that helps it to stand out against the others that we reviewed is the fact that it comes with two blades and its impressive two-year warranty. The two blades allow for this blender to be transformed into more than just a smoothie maker, while the two-year warranty helps to showcase the quality of this blender.

Vitamer Mini Personal Juicer
Vitamer Mini Personal Juicer

If you’re looking for the ultimate personal portable blender then this might just satisfy your craving for power and features. The Vitamer Mini Personal Juicer is a compact piece of equipment that can easily be stored in a cupboard or left on the side as it won’t take up much countertop space.
The Vitamer blender can be removed from the base, and has a useful carry handle, making it ideal for anyone who wants to whip up a quick smoothie and then head on out of the house.

Uniquely, this blender is operated using rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be easily charged via a USB cable, however, it does mean that you need to consider charging your blender well before you’re looking to use it and so it might not be the most ideal model for anyone who is in a rush in the mornings and needs 100% reliability.

  • Its detachable base means that the blender itself can be used as an on-the-go travel cup and can be easily stored in the fridge. The handy travel handle makes it even easier to take out and about.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stylish appearance, making it great for use within the home or office
  • As with many single-serve blenders, the Vitamer is a compact piece of equipment so you have no worries about it taking up a large amount of space on your counter
  • As this blender is battery operated, it’s not the most powerful model on the market
  • The blender needs to be charged prior to use, so it’s not quite as convenient as other personal blenders as it does require some amount of preparation
Final thoughts

The battery operation makes this an interesting blender and makes it incredibly portable – you could even take it camping with you! However, it does require charging before use and so it’s perhaps not ideal for anyone who has a lot on their mind, as charging it prior to it being needed may be a task that can slips your mind. That being said, if you are able to remember to charge it the night before, this is a compact and lightweight model that would be great for whipping up a smoothie before heading to work.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender
Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid

The Hamilton Beach is a popular model among smoothie lovers, despite not being the fanciest of models on the market. It does its job well though and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. It’s a simple but effective single serve blender that can be used to make smoothies, dips, marinades and baby food.

As with many of the other blenders reviewed today, the Hamilton comes with a free blending cup that doubles as a portable container.

  • Compact design takes up less space on the counter or in the cupboard than a standard sized unit
  • Incredibly simple to use with a one-button operation
  • Comes with a 14-ounce jar that can also be used as a portable cup
  • The blades may not be strong enough to handle some tougher ingredients
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Epica Personal Blender
Epica Personal Blender

The Epica Personal Blender has a classy design, with suction feet designed to keep it stable while in use. Perhaps the most redeeming feature of this personal blender is the fact that it is able to make hot and cold drinks, due to its operating temperature of between 40 to 175F. As with many other small-scale blenders, the Epica has a blending jar that also doubles as an on-the-go container.

If you’re looking for a blender that is of high quality, the two-year warranty on this one should be a tell-tale sign of the confidence the manufacturers have in their product.

  • Can make hot or cold drinks
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • The shape of blending jar does result in food sticking from time to time
  • Not good for repeated use with heavier foods
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Gourmia GPB250
Gourmia GPB250 Personal Home Blender

The Gourmia Personal Home Blender is perhaps the most stylish of the models that we’ve looked at today. But it’s far more than a pretty looking tool, with its 250 watts of blending power, the Gourmia can be used to create both hot and cold mixtures and can be used to make smoothies, baby food, crushed ice or salsa.

By blending straight into a removable travel bottle with a sealable lid, the Gourmia allows you to save time and reduce your washing load.
As with all of the other models, this home blender boasts a compact design that means it takes up minimal space in your home.
Unlike the other models, this one also comes with a free recipe book, giving you instructions on how to make concoctions such as a cookies and cream shake, and more.

  • Stylish design that will make you want to have this out on display
  • Single button operation
  • Capable of blending more than a simple smoothie
  • Removable parts that are all dishwasher safe
  • Blends straight into a removable travel cup
  • While it’s possible to make more than a smoothie with the Gourmia, it still has the small capacity that comes with buying a personal blender, so it’s not ideal for creating large batches of anything.
Final thoughts

This is a great blender for those wanting single servings. Compact, with a sleek and stylish design, the Gourmia blends straight into a travel cup, saving you even more time in the mornings. It’s a great personal blender, with the capability of creating far more than a simple smoothie.

Final verdict

The NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender is a powerful yet versatile piece of technology. Its Bluetooth capabilities and proprietary app make it a truly stand-out item in any kitchen. It offers a new level of convenience that most people have never experienced. This blender is definitely a game-changer, and is easily the coolest and most interesting option on our list.

Breville Boss To Go is a reliable product that will get the job done with consistency for years to come. For anyone who wants to keep it straight forward and doesn’t care to pay the extra money for state of the art features, it’s the ideal option.

The Vitamix S30 is a bigger, badder, and more capable machine for making large amounts. It comes with two sets of blades and has a powerful motor, giving you more versatility and more options for what you can make with it. If you need a solid all around blender that has size and power, the Vitamix S30 is a great pick.

The Willsence has a few features worth noting, including the two blades, two year warranty and overheat protection technology. Users of the Willsence will be able to create everything from salad dressings to smoothies, and can even grind up nuts, coffee beans, spices, and herbs. This is a blender that is great for someone looking for a model that is multi-functional but still budget friendly and space saving.

The Vitamer is one of two models that we reviewed that is battery-operated. It is an incredibly portable model that does not rely on a power source to work. It does, however, need to be charged prior to use, so it’s not ideal for anyone who wants something that can just be powered up and used immediately during a busy morning.

The Hamilton Beach is a popular model among smoothie lovers but in all honesty, it doesn’t have much that other models don’t already have. Small, lightweight and convenient to use with a simple one-button operation, it’s a great blender for someone simply wanting to make a smoothie and head out the door with the portable jar that is provided.

The Epica is one of the few single serve blenders that we reviewed that is capable of handling both hot and cold ingredients. As it’s capable of making frozen smoothies and hot soups, it’s a great option for someone who wants to continue using their blender for a multitude of reasons, all year round. The two-year warranty says a lot about the confidence that the manufacturers have in their product so it’s one that is worth investing in if you’re likely to be using it on a regular basis.

Last but definitely not least came the Gourmia, which was, in all honesty, our favorite model. Sleek and stylish, compact and convenient, lightweight and easy to use – this model really did have it all. It’s capable of making hot and cold mixtures, can be used to create more than smoothies and blends straight into a removable travel cup. What more could you want?

Overall, each of the single serve blenders has its own set of positives, and as with everything, a few unfortunate cons. While we have selected what we think are the best options on the market, it’s important that you assess each individual model and compare it to your own personal requirements before making a purchase.

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