Caribbean Mango Smoothie

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Caribbean Mango Smoothie

Probably one of the favourite smoothies, this delicious mango variation with coconut milk will start your day with a lift. Rich in vitamins, this is quite a healthy drink and tastes delicious as well. Try to find mangoes that are very ripe (easier to get the flesh off) as the stone of the mango can be quite tough to cut around.

Serves:                                 4 large glasses

Preparation Time:             10 minutes

Cook Time:                         No cook, serve immediately


o   2 large ripe mangoes, stone removed, peeled and cut into small chunks

o   2 cups ready-made mango sorbet (if you cannot get mango, use peach or similar).

o   11fl.oz/340ml vanilla yoghurt

o   1½ cups coconut milk

o   Slices of fresh pineapple to garnish


Place all the ingredients (except the pineapple garnish) into a blender. Make sure the lid is on, otherwise it will splash all over you!

Blend on highest speed until everything is combined.

Pour into 4 large glasses (or 6 medium glasses) and serve immediately, garnished with the pineapple.

You have to try this fantastic, easy to make smoothie! The taste of tropical fruit will have you day dreaming about making another one. Don’t just take our word for it, try this awesome recipe out! Repin for later too!

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