Taramasalata with Toasted Pitta Bread

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Taramasalata with Toasted Pitta Bread

Another very tasty dip, easily made in your blender in less than 20 minutes. Usually served as part of a Greek ‘meze’ with other dips, pitta bread, vegetable crudités, olives etc. Bring a taste of tavernas into your home and dream of those lovely sunny days on a Greek Island!

Serves:                                 2

Preparation Time:             20 minutes

Cook Time:                         No cook, no chill required


o   2 slices white bread, crusts removed

o   4 cloves garlic

o   1tsp onion, minced

o   8fl.oz/225ml milk

o   8oz/225g cod roe (this is what gives the dip the ‘pink’ tinge)

o   2tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

o   2tbsp fresh lemon juice

o   Olive oil (keep the oil next to the blender)

o   Pitta bread


Break the bread into smallish pieces and blitz in your blender to make the breadcrumbs.

Take a small bowl, pour in the milk and tip in the breadcrumbs to soak and soften.

Put the cod roe, garlic, onion and parsley into the blender and blend until completely smooth.

Add the soaked breadcrumbs, blend again to thoroughly combine. Slowly add the olive oil and lemon juice until you get to a smooth, dippable consistency – it should not be too thick.

Set aside whilst you toast the pitta bread. Once toasted, cut into strips and serve with the dip with some extra wedges of lemon and some more fresh parsley to garnish.

If you haven’t tried taramasalata before, this recipe is PERFECT! Learn how to make it by clicking through and you’ll be glad you did later. This is a great dish to bring to potlucks, picnics or as a hearty snack for visiting guests. Don’t forget to repin for later!

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